Welcome to our educational page. A large focus of our organization is not only providing a safe sleeping place for infants, but also parental education. Until recently, our focus had only been on large orders and the development of educational programs for infant safety. Due to this, we have a collection of educational resources that we have developed along with great resources from our friends in healthcare.  If you have resources that you would also like to share, please let us know and we would be happy to include your links or PDFs to our website. This is a free resource to encourage patient education to anyone that accesses our site and is not a service that requires purchase or membership of any kind.

Organizations work together to offer classes and help fund the boxes.  It is important to develop a policy for your hospital or facility and we have included a few examples for you:

Education for Healthcare Providers Teaching a Class
We encourage you to use the Curriculum for Nurses: Continuing Education (CE) Program on SIDS Risk Reduction that can be found at: