(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – The first baby born in Ketchikan in 2016 was in a hurry. Leeanna Booth was in labor less than two hours when she gave birth at home before the ambulance could arrive to take her to Ketchikan Medical Center.

Tobias Elijah Burnette arrive in the late afternoon of January 1, 2016 with the assistance of Leeanna’s aunt Gail Dundas, a former Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) at Ketchikan Medical Center.

Leeanna Booth and baby Tobias Elijah Burnette
Photo courtesy Ketchikan Medical Center

Leeanna said she and Tobias’ father, Jack Burnette, met in middle school and were Schoenbar sweethearts before Jack moved away. He came back to Ketchikan 15 years later. Smiling at the memory Leeanna said, “I saw him walking down the street and we started talking…”

Young Tobias will join older siblings James who is eight and five year old Shailey. Both are excited to have a little brother Leeanna said. Shailey especially is “over the moon.”

Leeanna Booth, Tobias Elijah Burnette and Hilary Vincent RN, attending nurse
Photo courtesy Ketchikan Medical Center
Tobias was just short of nine pounds weighing in at eight pounds, 15 ounces and 23 inches long.

As is customary, the first baby of the New Year received a basket of gifts, books and a quilt. Young Tobias also received a Baby Box, a now-customary gift for babies in Ketchikan.

The box, which features a Native design by Ken Decker, also has gifts like diapers and onesies and includes a small mattress that allows the box to double as baby’s first bed.